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What tools do farmers need to manage their assets and maximize their transfer to the next generation?
All of them

Let's reconsider your tax liabilities
You want to reduce your tax liability and we can help; we are well-prepared to identify any and all potential areas where you may lessen your tax burden. Our expertise allows us to confidently recommend tax-savings strategies and serve as competent advocates in tax matters.

Let's make a decision
Our clients rely upon us for their tax-related decision making. We assist them in many different situations: the purchase or sale of equipment or land parcels, major renovation planning, and much more. Our clients know and trust our ability to plan ahead and minimize their tax burden during and after each event.

I want my kids and grandkids to have better opportunities
What type of investment accounts should we consider for long-term growth? At Seed to Sow Financial, we can help you make these decisions. Do I need a trust? We coordinate our activities with outside professionals (attorneys, bankers, other parties) as necessary when setting up these arrangements. We want to grow your assets and protect your estate by minimizing its taxation for you and your family.

Risk- and tax-managed wealth solutions
Party of one or party of many - we can help determine the appropriate financial investments for your situation. Your financial plan is not only your future but sets up your children for success. We can help you define your goals and objectives and find solutions that are in your best interests.

It pays to give
Wondering about the taxes involved in gifting to your family, someone else, or a charitable organization? We can provide direction to minimize tax effects.

The services you need - when you need them
Buying a new farm and need a financial statement for your lender? We can take care of that and contact the lender on your behalf. What will my taxes be for the gain on the sale of my farm, equipment, or other investments? Selling a farm and need to provide a recent history of your income? We have answers and we're a phone call away when you need us; we want to be the first one you call. 

When it comes to supporting production, we solve problems
Whether you’re starting a new farming operation or already own several, we can help. With new operations, we’ll help you select the proper organizational structure, secure adequate financing, prepare budgets and forecasts, and help you with whatever you need to get up and running. We want you to be set up for success.

Not enough hours in the day

We offer numerous services to keep your operation running smoothly. Do you feel like you're spending too much time managing your invoices, payroll, or data entry in general? Our clients save time and money by having us perform these functions because we're efficient in the things we do. 

Our hope is that we can help you realize the vision you have for your farm and your family's future. We'd love to hear from you. We are a family-owned business and from our family to yours, we'd like to thank you for your consideration.