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<p>Your farm isn&#8217;t just your livelihood.<br/>It&#8217;s your family&#8217;s past, present, and future.</p>

Your farm isn’t just your livelihood.
It’s your family’s past, present, and future.

Our mission is to assist farm families in fully utilizing the power of their financial assets to provide for themselves and their future generations.

At Seed to Sow Financial, we provide a full array of tax, accounting, and financial investment services to ensure that your assets remain in the family long after you're gone.

We are proud to serve our clients involved in a broad range of agricultural activities

Poultry & Livestock Producers

<p>Poultry &#38; Livestock Producers</p>

For both large or small producers - we can help.

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Crop Producers

<p>Crop Producers</p>

We can address all of your operational and farm rental concerns.

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Other Related Activities

<p>Other Related Activities</p>

Nurseries, timber, show horses, and more  - let's talk.

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Recreational Property Owners

<p>Recreational Property Owners<br/></p>

Got hunting or conservation acreage? Give us a call.

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Your farm is a great asset, but your family is a far greater treasure.

Tax planning and income tax return preparation

Everyone wants to minimize their taxable income both now and in the future - you need a personal roadmap in order to keep going in the right direction. We have the experience to lead the way and we're exhaustive in our efforts to see you prosper. We provide ongoing support throughout the year to address your immediate concerns so you don't have any surprises at tax time. Life happens and we hope we can help you and your family prepare for the good times and those that aren't so good.

Accounting services for farm entities

If you'd rather spend your time farming instead of sorting through bills or dealing with payroll, you should give us a call. Whether it's starting a new operation or growing your existing business, we can take care of any or all aspects of your accounting. When we streamline your accounting practices, you'll be able to confidently focus your time and efforts elsewhere knowing that we've got your back.

Tax-strategic investments for individuals, agribusinesses, and family wealth

Whether you're building wealth, protecting your family's capital, or contributing to a retirement plan for your employees, we want you to understand the tax liability for you and your beneficiaries as well as the options and important consequences of tax deferral. You should be aware or both conservative- or growth-oriented options other than obtaining more land - let's have this discussion.

Our hope is that we can help you realize the vision you have for your farm and your family's future. We'd love to hear from you. We are a family-owned business and from our family to yours, thank you for your consideration.

Thank you!